Processing of Teaching Documents and Immigration:


Q. Can I work as a reliever on a visitor visa?

A. No, you are not permitted to do any type of work on a visitor visa.

Q. What are the fees for NZ Immigration,  New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and New Zealand Teachers Council (NZTC)?

A. The cost for immigration will depend on what country you are applying from and what type of visa/permit you are applying for. For up to date fee information with NZ Immigration click here.
Click here. for NZQA fees.
Click here for Teacher registration fees.

Q. How long will it take to complete NZQA and NZTC?

A. NZQA will process a 'standard' application within 20* working days.  This means that:

  • within 10 working days of the receipt of the completed application form, all required supporting documents and fees, NZQA will commence the verification process.
  • within 10 working days of the completion of the verification process (i.e. all information being received), NZQA will issue an assessment report.

NZQA will process a 'fast track' application within 10* working days.  This means that:

  • within 5 working days of the receipt of the completed application form, all required supporting documents and fees, NZQA will commence the verification process.
  • within 5 working days of the completion of the verification process (i.e. all information being received), NZQA will issue an assessment report.

*For reasons outside of NZQA's control, third party verification may cause this time to be extended, as NZQA is unable to affect the time it will take to obtain a response to verification requests.

The NZTC aims to process applications within 4 weeks but there are a number of factors which can affect this turnaround time. Practising certificate renewals, Limited Authority to Teach, Applications for Provisional and Subject to Confirmation registration all require a New Zealand Police vet and may require applicants to obtain overseas police clearances.

Processing times for the New Zealand Police Vetting service vary.

Please Note: Other factors that can affect the processing time for applications include incomplete or inaccurate completion of application forms, NZQA assessments, and language competency requirements. Any of these factors can significantly delay processing of applications.

The above information has been taken from the NZQA and NZTC websites.

Q. Can I send the NZQA and NZTC applications off at the same time?

A. Yes, there are a couple of options when it comes to getting your NZQA and NZTC sorted. Please note that for all overseas trained teachers a completed NZQA assessment is required as part of your NZTC application unless your application for registration falls under the Trans-Tasman mutual recognition category. 

Option 1:  If you are applying well in advance you can send off your NZQA application and wait for your assessment to be completed and returned before applying for your NZTC registration. Your NZTC application also requires a police check, which generally takes longer to acquire than other documents. On receipt of your completed NZQA assessment you can then send that along with your police check and application to the NZTC. 

Option 2:  If your timeframe is tight and you wish to save a step or two, you can choose to apply for both the NZQA and the NZTC without waiting for results to come back from the NZQA first.  The NZTC will accept incomplete applications.  You will need to advise the NZTC that you have applied for your NZQA assessment (and also police check if applicable - it often takes several weeks to obtain but you can send your application in without this) and that they will be receiving a copy once it has been completed.  You will also need to advise the NZQA that you would like them to forward on a copy of your assessment to the NZTC directly, which will save you both time and postage.  If your application at the NZTC is waiting on a police check do remember to forward this to the NZTC once you have received it.  

The urgency in getting these processes sorted depends on when you would like to take up work in New Zealand. If you have definite plans to come to New Zealand and are wanting to teach we would advise getting your registration and NZQA sorted out as quickly as you can. 

Q. What are the school term dates? How many terms do you have? When are holidays etc?

A. The Ministry of Education website gives a good overview of the New Zealand Education system. Click here to view this information

Q. Can you explain the levels within the NZ Education system, such as kindergarten/early childhood education, primary, intermediate, secondary, etc?

A. The TeachNZ website explains this clearly. Click here to view this information.




Education Personnel and Its Services:


Q. What areas do you cover for relief/supply work?

A. As Education Personnel is based in Wellington we provide relief services to the schools in central Wellington and the surrounding suburbs. If you are coming to Wellington please contact us to register for relief work. 

Q. Do you work in the ESOL field?

A. Education Personnel has recruited long term and permanent management staff for a variety of language schools in Wellington although currently there is very little demand for ESOL teachers.

Q. Is there a cost to sign up with Education Personnel?

A. There is absolutely no cost to register with Education Personnel.

Q. Can Education Personnel process my NZQA and NZTC for me?

A. At this stage Education Personnel is not able to process applications for NZQA and NZTC.




Teaching and Living In NZ


Q. Can I do my NQT year in NZ?

A. No, you are not able to do your NQT year here in New Zealand.

Q. What is the pay rate in NZ for teachers?

A. Your salary will depend on the qualifications you possess, the outcome of your NZQA assessment, the number of years of previous teaching experience (if any) that are recognised in New Zealand, and whether the position is a management one or not.  

Q. Can you give me an idea of living costs in NZ?

A. Living costs will depend on where you live in New Zealand. The major cities will be more expensive, especially in terms of real estate. The websites below may give you a general idea of the cost of living here in New Zealand:
https://www.woolworths.co.nz/homeshopping/default.asp - you can use the browse button to compare prices of items here in NZ with your present grocery costs. 
http://www.nz-immigration.co.nz/cost-of-living/living-expenses.html - on this page there are sample lists of general household expenses which may give you an idea of how much things are likely to cost here in NZ.

Likelihood of Finding Work?



Q. What is the likelihood of finding primary work from overseas?

A. The primary market in NZ is currently suffering shortages in Auckland..  For primary positions in locations elsewhere in NZ you may be unable to get a work visa/permit without a labour market check being completed. It is unlikely (but not impossible) that you will be given a work permit/visa once the labour market check has been completed as there are a number of New Zealand teachers also looking for work. This means that if you are on a visitor visa, finding primary work could be a challenge. If your partner is eligible for a work permit there is a possibility of getting an open work permit on the strength of your partner's permit.

Q. I've just graduated, what is the likelihood of finding work?

A. It will be challenging to find work, especially from overseas, if you don't have any formal teaching experience yet. We suggest getting a year or two under your belt, and if you are still interested in teaching in New Zealand do contact us then to register with us! If have already made definite plans to come to New Zealand and have the legal right to work please contact us as it may be easier to place you in work once you are here in person.