Teachers Council 
For the issuing and renewing of teachers’ registration and practicing certificate.

The New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association Te Wehengarua (PPTA) is the professional association, which represents teachers in secondary schools, area and intermediate schools, technicraft centres, community education and itinerant music positions.

The New Zealand Educational Institute Te Riu Roa (NZEI) is a professional and industrial education union representing staff employed in primary, secondary and area schools, early childhood centres, Specialist Education Services and colleges of education.

EBS is a non-profit society set up by the Education Unions for the exclusive benefit of their members. The society offers a range of personal health and risk plans tailored to suit the education professional. Very competitive rates.

Ministry of Education 
The ministry of education website.

The Education Forum 
The Education Forum is an education policy advocacy organisation based in Wellington, New Zealand.  Its membership is drawn from all parts of the education sector - primary, secondary, tertiary and training, together with leaders of industry and commerce.  It contributes to education policy through research and promoting public debate on current issues, structures and expectations of all levels of NZ education.  It promotes excellent, personal achievement, competition and choice in education.  The Education Forum's website - - is a major vehicle for promoting its messages, research and advocacy.