“Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads” – Thoughts on the Future of EdTech

The effective use of technology (or EdTech) is an increasingly important part of 21st century learning and pedagogy. With the potential for groundbreaking change continually just around the corner, the question of where EdTech is heading is a pertinent one.


As part of Connected Educator Month we are running a blog series focused on EdTech's future in education. For this blog series, we worked to find New Zealand’s thought leaders and innovators in the EdTech space. We looked for people who have really made a difference. We then asked them for their unique perspective on current trends, major developments and where they think EdTech will head in the next 5 years.

The contributors include school leaders, e-Learning experts, EdTech startup founders, and leaders in the flourishing global online community of teachers. Throughout October each of these innovators will be given the opportunity to share their vision of the future. 

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Get ready for our first guest blog post from Craig Kemp, tech teacher extraordinaire on Friday