Where Can You Find NZ Teaching Vacancies? (Part 2)

Last week we discussed why not all vacancies are advertised in the Education Gazette: 

Here are some of the other avenues through which schools and centres recruit their teachers: 

Recruitment Agencies

Often principals and centre managers will have a fixed-term vacancy that they need filling quickly, but don't have the time to recruit a high-quality teacher themselves. In this case, they'll contact an education recruitment agency such as Education Personnel to find a teacher for them as soon as possible. We recently had a school phone us on Friday ask us to find a teacher for them to interview the next Monday! For fast recruitments like this we will usually not advertise in the Education Gazette but instead advertise via email notifications to our talent pool, Facebook page and our website. 

Job Find Tips: 

  • Sign up with an education recruiter for short term and long term vacancies. You can sign up to get Education Personnel's email job notifications by sending your CV to cv@edperson.co.nz. 
  •  Like Education Personnel on Facebook to get urgent job alerts
  • Visit Education Personnel's vacancy page

Relief Pool/Word of Mouth

We've seen a number of principals and centre managers who have filled fixed-term positions at their school/centre with teachers from their relief pool or teachers who have completed a university practicum there. These teachers are already familiar with the school/centre and its students, making it a really easy transition. Other schools and centres, particularly Kura Kaupapa and Kohanga Reo, will use professional and personal connections to spread the word about vacancies at their schools.

Job Find Tips:  

  • Sign up to be a reliever at the schools/centres where you'd like to work, and aim to be their number one reliever (availability and reliability will get you a long way here.)
  • Stay in touch with the schools where you did your teaching practicum - drop in to visit the class and let your associate teacher know you're looking for a role.
  • Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a teaching job - they may have a connection that will help you win a role. 

Other Job Sites

As noted in last week's blog post, independent schools and many ECE centres are not required to advertise their vacancies in the Education Gazette. This means they may advertise on other job sites such as Seek and Trade Me Jobs. Searching 'teacher' will yield a surprising number of results. Student Job Search is also worth looking at for nannying, holiday programme and teacher aide work, which are good ways of paying your rent over the summer holidays or while you're on the hunt for a teaching role. 


At the end of the day, most schools and centres will advertise their vacancies on the Education Gazette so it's really important to sign up to their alerts if you're on the job hunt. But it never hurts to broaden your search, and by investigating all the avenues available you'll open yourself up to more opportunities that you would have otherwise.