Our Top 5 reasons to live and teach in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest urban area by far, and with 1.4 million people is home to almost a third of New Zealand’s population.  It has the largest population of Polynesian people of any city in the world, and almost 2 in 5 of its inhabitants were born overseas, with almost 5% of these born in the UK.

We’ve put together out top five reasons why you should live and teach in Auckland.

1.       Employment opportunities

As the biggest city in New Zealand, Auckland has the most schools and some of the largest. Teaching in Auckland you’ll be a part of a wider vibrant and supportive teaching community with numerous opportunities to grow and develop professionally.  Check out some of the current vacancies we have in Auckland.

2.       Warm climate to enjoy the outdoors

Near the top of the country Auckland has what is considered a subtropical climate.  It is one of the sunniest main centres with warm dry summers and mild winters allowing outdoor living for most of the year.   Enjoy the Polynesian influences in the city’s markets or take to nature and dig your toes in the coarse volcanic sand of the regions western beaches.

Auckland is not called the City of Sails for nothing, and set amongst volcanic islands and a multitude of harbours, it’s the perfect playground for yachties.  Many outdoor activities are centred on the sea and you can take a ferry across to many of the delightful islands such as Waiheke or Great Barrier

3.       Getting away from it all

With 1.5 million residents Auckland is the most populated city in New Zealand, and has regular and easy access to just about anywhere.  As an international hub, the cheapest international flights are often outbound from Auckland, and domestic flights from Auckland go everywhere regularly.

Prefer to drive and see the gorgeous North Island landscape? Head south and you’ll find key spots for skiing, hiking, and the famous geothermal hot pools, head north and you’ll hit amazing surf locations and stunning beaches all within a couple of hours drive.

4.       Variety is the spice of life

Whether you prefer classic fine dining or a taste of adventurous cuisines from all of the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Auckland with a large variety of bars, restaurants, food trucks, cafes and fresh food markets. Click here to check out just some of the amazing food spots you won’t want to miss.

5.       Endorsed internationally

Lonely Planet voted Auckland one of the top ten cities of the world to visit in 2014.  With its cuisine, culture and coastal scenery, how could you resist?