Let Education Personnel help you find your perfect teaching role.

At Education Personnel we strive for excellence. We build great relationships with our candidates in order to understand them better, so as to find the right teacher for the right school. The relationships we have built with schools nationwide helps ensure that we can find that perfect match.  

Every year we offer candidates whom we have placed into teaching positions an opportunity to let us know how they found the service that we offer. Here are some results from the 2016 survey.

What was the quality of the communication between Education Personnel and yourself?

Communication is an integral part of our vision here at Education Personnel. Responding to candidate queries promptly and in a clear and succinct way is key to us being able to assist our candidates in finding the perfect position within the education sector.The importance of a good role fit cannot be stressed enough and as such we work hard to ensure that there is clear dialogue regarding the type of teaching position our candidates seek.

How did you find the information supplied and/or recommended to you about the school/centre and role? (ie details of the position, school website, ERO reports, ETC…)

Education Personnel has close ties to schools all over New Zealand and this ensures the best information is passed to the candidate regarding any placement. It is very important to us that the candidate has a clear understanding of the position being offered and of the school culture surrounding that role.

How did you find the quality of assistance you received from Education Personnel as part of the Job Find Assistance Programme? (This question was aimed at participants of this programme only)

The Job Find Assistance programme is a one-on-one assistance programme to help beginner teachers and Maori, Te Reo, and Pasifika teachers obtain that very important first job. Working with an experienced education recruiter,  it focuses on providing newcomers to the workforce the tools needed to achieve placement, in a way that isn’t overwhelming or intimidating.

How good was the match between you, the role and the school/centre?

Finding the right job is important for anybody, and at Education Personnel it is our driving goal to ensure that placement is ideal for both the school and the candidate. Because of the exceptional relationships EP has built up with schools nationwide, we are able to facilitate placements that benefit all parties.

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