A JFA Success Story: Christiane Turnbull

Christiane is a Māori new graduate primary teacher who completed her training at the end of 2011. Prior to starting on the Job Find Assistance programme she had applied for 50 teaching positions but had not got any interviews. Gillian assisted Christiane with her independent applications for teaching jobs. This included ensuring the right information was in her CV and cover letter. Christiane was introduced and put forward for one early childhood centre and two schools by Education Personnel. She was made offers by each of these places. She chose to begin her teaching journey with an LTR at a Wellington primary school and is now in a permanent teaching role.

Christiane says, ‘I was so keen to get my first teaching position after graduating, so it was demoralising to have so many rejections… I was about to give up. Thankfully working with someone else on the JFA Programme helped me to regain confidence in my own ability. It helped me to recognise my strengths again and focus on what I had to offer schools. I am so glad now that I did not give up.’

Image courtesy of Sara Orme