Understanding the Current New Zealand Teaching Market - A message from our Managing Director Stu Birch

Like many countries around the world, New Zealand has seen significant changes to teacher supply and demand following the last global financial crisis. We cannot ignore the fact that the teaching market was incredibly competitive from 2011-2015 with many teachers finding it difficult to secure a role. This is no longer the case however, with demand for teachers currently being high.

Let Education Personnel help you find your perfect teaching role.

At Education Personnel we strive for excellence. We build great relationships with our candidates in order to understand them better, so as to find the right teacher for the right school. The relationships we have built with schools nationwide helps ensure that we can find that perfect match.  

Every year we offer candidates whom we have placed into teaching positions an opportunity to let us know how they found the service that we offer. Here are some results from the 2016 survey.

A JFA Success Story: Christiane Turnbull

A JFA Success Story: Christiane Turnbull

Christiane is a Māori new graduate primary teacher who completed her training at the end of 2011. Prior to starting on the Job Find Assistance programme she had applied for 50 teaching positions but had not got any interviews. Gillian assisted Christiane with her independent applications for teaching jobs. 

Our Top 5 reasons to live and teach in Auckland

Our Top 5 reasons to live and teach in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest urban area by far, and with 1.4 million people is home to almost a third of New Zealand’s population.  It has the largest population of Polynesian people of any city in the world, and almost 2 in 5 of its inhabitants were born overseas, with almost 5% of these born in the UK.

We’ve put together out top five reasons why you should live and teach in Auckland.

What Relieving in Winter Taught Me

There are generally two types of reliever. Firstly, the career reliever. These teachers may choose to relieve for a host of reasons, including being able to have flexibility to pursue other interests or being an experienced teacher looking for some time out of regular classroom teaching. Secondly, the beginning teacher reliever. Typically the BT reliever is looking to cut their teeth on day to day classroom relief teaching in the hope of gaining significant experience to pick up their first job. This blog will be more focused towards the latter.

10 Common Beginning Teacher Job Seeking Dilemmas

10 Common Beginning Teacher Job Seeking Dilemmas

Finding a job as a beginning teacher can be difficult experience. Here at Education Personnel we work with lots of BTs and hear all sorts of stories. We’ve pulled them together into a list of the 10 most common dilemmas that BTs we meet face on their job seeking journey.

Your Relief Questions Answered

In February I presented an online webinar on relief teaching. During the webinar, the teachers attending had a whole of lot of questions for me, which due to technical difficulties I wasn't able to answer. The questions were so relevant I decided to turn my answers into a blog post to share with other BTs who are starting their teaching journey.

1​3​ Fantastic Resources for Beginning Relief Teachers

If you're planning on relieving this year, it's important to have resources to draw upon - whether these are teaching resources, supportive communities or just useful information.

We went on a hunt and found 14 fantastic resources for beginning relief teachers.

9 Job Seeking Tips for BTs

9 Job Seeking Tips for BTs

Term 1 can be really frustrating when you’re a job seeking teacher. You want to be in the classroom or in the centre, teaching, but you haven’t yet been given the opportunity. The good news is that even if you’re not currently employed at a school or centre, there are lots of ways you can keep busy and improve your chances of winning your first teaching role. Here are nine ideas: 

Why You Shouldn't Feel Discouraged About Your Job Search

If you are a newly graduated primary and secondary teacher and spent the latter half of 2014 searching for a full time teaching position and haven't yet secured one, you might be feeling discouraged. While that's completely understandable, it can also be helpful to get a different, more positive perspective on your situation. Here are five reasons to feel encouraged about teaching going into 2015: